Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get on with it already!

The butterflies in my stomach are already in high gear with anticipation of my upcoming journey to Wyoming. My eyes are so hungry to see what I will be surrounded by for the next month. To feed this hunger I googled images of Wyoming...then Clearmont, Wyoming...then Ucross Foundation - that's where I hit the motherload.

I came across Lapsus Linguae, the blog of J.R. Carpenter. How is this relevant to the stretch of life that I’m livin’ at the moment, you ask? Well, only because it chronicles Ms. Carpenter’s stay at Ucross as a fiction writer in 2008. I just spent the past hour reading this tid bit of greatness and the butterflies just took it up a notch.

I embark on my Wyoming experience in 3 days but in celebration of this being my last day at the ole 9:00-5:00er, I’ve decided to start my adventure….right…about…NOW! So, let’s go ahead and get on with it already.

Adventure #1: finish packing. It will be in the 40’s with a possible chance of snow when I arrive – pack accordingly. (Having lived in the desert for the past 6 yrs makes this especially challenging.)

Here are a few Ucross images I found:

(photo from Detroit Symphony Orchestra's webpage)

(photo from J.R. Carpenter's blog)

(photo from J.R. Carpenter's blog)

(photo from Ucross alumni, Manil Suri's website)

Holy god, I think I need to sit down.


  1. Layla, this place looks amazing. I can imagine just roaming for hours around this area. Have a wonderful time!