Monday, April 19, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 6

Day 11: town trip!!
  • for the occasion i put on a little makeup and my jacket without paint stains. i'm tired of looking like a total dirtbag.
  • it's goin' home time for 5 of the residents. we dropped them off at the airport on our way to the "big city" (sheridan, wy). i got supplies to last the next 2 weeks: a $3 sweatshirt, thermal long sleeve, a few art supplies, a bar of soap, and 2 bottles of wine & a bottle of whiskey (a girl needs variety).
  • we paid a visit to king's saddlery & museum where mixed among the countless saddles and saddle accoutrements was a 2-headed stuffed calf. sweet.
  • critter sightings: 2 sandhill cranes, 2 black-billed magpies, buffalo (housed in sheridan city park), and 1 jack russel terrier chasing 1 squirrel.
  • worked for a couple of hrs. in the studio after dinner and then whiskey ping-pong at buck's cabin. i thought i had exhausted finding new treasures at buck's but we found a few stacks of undiscovered photos. we are piecing together what we think is buck's life. from what we can tell, he is the bee's knees when it comes to character.
  • 5 new arrivals will infest our solitude on monday, until then there are only 4 of us on the property this weekend. we have made plans to have a saturday night out on the town. sheridan, we come!!!

Day 12:

  • i was excited to see i had received the envelope i have been waiting for this morning. robbie mailed the digital camera usb cord and flash drive that i left behind. after reading his sweet note, i searched the package for the goods but there were no goods to be found. upon inspecting the envelope it became obvious that somewhere between phoenix and ucross is my usb cord and f-drive. there are gaping slits on either side of the poor ole envelope. damn. amazon+rush shipment=needed goods (hopefully). my postcard project depends on this delivery.
  • the four of us went into sheridan for dinner and a movie. to our surprise, historical downtown sheridan has a ton of art which we explored. great to hang out.

Day 13:

  • the weather is fantastic. warm & calm enough to open all of the windows in the studio.
  • after dinner, the 4 of us headed towards the living room to enjoy the last bit of solitude before the new residents arrive tomorrow. we lounged on the couches and told stories by candlelight. story subjects include: favorite experiences while living in costa rica, a drug dealer shake-down in new york, becoming lost on an isolated hike in mexico, and i told the ole train derailment story. best night to date.

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