Saturday, October 15, 2011

BB Does Up the Day of the Lord, NZ-style...

Hot damn thinks BB, it's a beaut of a day...let's do this Sunday up right!

BB stops to smell the yellow flowers. Delicious.

BB kicks it in the hood with Seb.

"Don't worry little chick...I've got your back." BB does some crime fightin'.

Hells yes.

Time to tend to bidness, BB is Ameria bound in 9 days. 7 hour layover in Sydney, say what!

BB says, pack it up pack it in! She also wonders how she has accumulated so much shit...hmmm...

Let's not forget this is Sunday...time for BB to hang with Barbie Computer and Gregory Issacs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sem. 2 Studio Final

Nine more days left of year uno/semester dos. Holy s**tballs! CANNOT, I repeat...CANNOT believe it. I will actually be on American soil for the final hand-in but my work will be left in beyond capable hands in my absence. If I had to sum up my NZ experience in one word it would hands down be...humbled. I'm simply grateful that I've survived, everything else is gravy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011


Tired, Trite, & Redundant: Household Appliances/Windows in Walls

Maybe I've read too much Bukowski and listened to too much Pink Floyd and I'm being as big of an asshole as I'm capable of being and this is really a big F.U. to conceptuality or maybe it is the most genuine work I've ever made and I'm too self-conscious to let you know that. Regardless, I know drawing images that represent household appliances to explore the notion of home it trite, do you?

SoFA Crit

So long School of Fine Art crit week. Two comments that stand out the most from my crit: it is following a on, I mean they ARE maps and all and the second and I quote, "Maps are euroccentric." and then the student spent the rest of time staring out of my studio window. So onward I go...