Saturday, June 25, 2011

Childhood Floorplans

These are 7 of my childhood home floor plans (ages: fetus-18 yrs.) The maps came from a 1978 atlas I got for $2 (hey, Lanny 2 Bucks!). I wanted the maps to be randomly chosen so I asked the first person I saw in the studio (thanks Em) to choose 7 - only city maps. I disassembled the book and pulled the pages she marked including the other half of the sheet which, in most cases, has a completely unrelated country. I then drew the childhood floor plans from memory. They are weird spaces that don't really make architectural sense, the Paluxy house doesn't have a bathroom and I can't remember one single thing about the interior of the Pamela house. I've mounted them on wood and they are slowly turning into odd geometric things.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Slug Stache Cave Painting

Seńor Slug

Product number two of not having a tv...slug stache cave painting. I looked out my window the other night and could not for the life of me figure out why there were a half dozen mustaches on the white brick wall that separates my little yard and the street. It turns out they were not mustaches at all but slugs. Big slugs. After a good day's rain they like to use the brick wall as a hang out zone.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

F that S

I don't have a television or a home life so I spend my evenings making stuff like this. It is now framed and will be gifted to my friend Rebecca this Sunday at her birthday luncheon. I believe that every woman turning 40 needs to be reminded to just F that S.

New Ideas

Here is my newest painting in progress, which isn't too far from what I've been working on for the last few years. It took the roller coaster ride of research and experimentation to get me on track, which surprisingly took me back to my initial idea of exploring the meaning of home.

This semester has been an epic journey and the one and only way to allow me to expand on what I thought was an exhausted body of work. This is the first large scale painting I've worked on since I arrived. I'm in this weird, delicate stage of insecurity when making work at this point. I'm in between semesters and have 4 weeks left before beginning the 2nd semester. I want to get deep into this work, incorporating all that I have learned up to this point, before asking for feedback from my profs. They will inevitably knock the blocks from under my feet. I say...bring it.

Chair outside/Black Shag inside

Gap at Castlepoint

Add ImageChair at Ohakune Cabin

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruby's Birds

I just had to share this. I received it in the mail yesterday from Rubasaurus Rex. Ruby (her given name) belongs to my friend Bex, is nine, and super awesome. I gave her the preliminary watercolor I did for the 30 Sketches V Project (15 little blue sparrows) last week and to say thank you she made me a drawing of 15 birds done Rubasaur-style. Each little sparrow is doing something different. They are just living their little sparrow lives. And check out that dang envelope!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Sketches V...New Zealand-style

11 Kiwis

So with a 4 week break between semesters upon me, I thought it was time for another episode of 30 Sketches Project...big number 5. Check it. What better way to become familiar with New Zealand birds than by drawing them? Over and over and over again. Bluebird by Charles Bukowski inspired this project. I had long forgotten about this poem until it resurfaced through my good friend Jelena.

Normally I paint/draw one bird per composition but really enjoyed the numerous sparrows I've been working on lately. I usually replicate that lone bird from a photograph but I want to work on being able to pull different views and angles of the bird by studying the form and making my own decisions on accuracy. This composition will be one I can own instead of ripping off some photographer's work.