Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Sketches V...New Zealand-style

11 Kiwis

So with a 4 week break between semesters upon me, I thought it was time for another episode of 30 Sketches Project...big number 5. Check it. What better way to become familiar with New Zealand birds than by drawing them? Over and over and over again. Bluebird by Charles Bukowski inspired this project. I had long forgotten about this poem until it resurfaced through my good friend Jelena.

Normally I paint/draw one bird per composition but really enjoyed the numerous sparrows I've been working on lately. I usually replicate that lone bird from a photograph but I want to work on being able to pull different views and angles of the bird by studying the form and making my own decisions on accuracy. This composition will be one I can own instead of ripping off some photographer's work.

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