Thursday, May 19, 2011

I. Heart. Sparrows.

13 Blue Sparrows

14 Sparrows on Blue

Oddly enough I've become totally obsessed with sparrows. They are everywhere here as they are everywhere on the planet. (Sorry if this is redundant to past posts...) I started painting them in NZ out of irony that they are the only birds I see every second of the day. Walter Buller is a man I've been doing much research on for my theory paper. Blah, blah, blah, he discovered and documented many birds in the 19th century that no longer exist in NZ while at the same time being responsible for many of their demises, blah, blah. An interesting and highly inspiring fact to me about Buller is that he introduced the common sparrow to NZ.

If you read the earlier post on the Stephen's Island Wren (Lighthouse Keeper's Cat story) then this may all sound vaguely familiar. I reworked the original painting, Light House Keeper's Cat,into what is now 14 Sparrows. I lost the wren/cat narrative and I'm fully focusing on the sparrows. Today I completed 13 Sparrows and plan to continue with the idea of these two paintings. Sparrows.

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