Thursday, May 19, 2011

Critique Uno Final (until the actual final)

So this is actually what I presented at our first critique. Old Borris with the pretend medals. I think I got good feedback but was kinda stuck with the first comment which was..."I don't get it, why would you paint wallpaper? Why don't you just buy some wallpaper to paint on?". After I slaughtered the question-asker in my mind, it sunk in that I'm the sole postgrad using representational painting at present in a highly conceptual art university. The lone ranger.

I've gotten lost in all the research I've been doing and realized that I've started to make work based on my reading and not finding reading that flows with my artwork. A group of us went out after the 4.5 hr. long crit and had beer for lunch and then hit the local bottle shop for some adult beverages to take back the the studio. We sulked and drank.

We have to turn in our final work in two weeks based on changes made from the feedback from the crit. I've moved Borris to the small wall outside of my studio cubicle. He will be my final presentation. I'll jazz up the space a bit. Feeling a bit deflated but excited to get back on track.

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