Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adios 2009!

"Chloe & Carissa"


"Lani's Owl"

2009 has been a year stocked to the maximum capacity with learning new things and collecting experiences. It was my first year out of school which was an odd feeling but to have actual "free time" has been amazing. I pretty much traded the time I spent on school for time in the studio.

Drawing has been my main focus this year which is something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I have. I see the 30 Sketches Project continuing throughout my future.

Putting together Suits and Aviary allowed me to make many mistakes to learn from and through those two shows, I met some really solid people that I now call friends.

One of the most inspiring and fulfilling things I began doing this year is volunteering at Liberty Wildlife. I feel that myself and my work are more welcomed in the animal conservation world than in the art scene here in Phoenix which is fine by me.

I wrapped up the year with several commissions which my bank account was grateful for. Chole & Carissa (top image) was done for a fellow museum co-worker. She gave me lots of photos and total artistic freedom and it melted into another ridiculous painting.

Igor was commissioned by a wonderful woman who works at the Tucson Wildlife Center. She came to my booth at the Indie Chic art fair and we had a long conversation about black vultures. Apparently the center has a black vulture named Igor that is quite something. She'll present this sketch to the center as a Christmas gift. Yay Igor!!

The last image is an owl sketch I did for my friend Lani. It is a wee little sketch just perfect for gift giving. I tried to keep the museum staff stocked with sketches this holiday season. Thanks co-workers, I can keep the lights on for another month!

I am exhausted from 2009 but I've got alot of fight left in me. 2010 watch out, I have a blank sketchbook with your name all over it!!


  1. thanks again for the owl. i gave it to my cousin tonight and he loved it! and thanks for my deer too! i can't wait to frame it and my feather. i feel another commission coming on... i hope you're ready.