Monday, August 29, 2011

Childhood Home Floorplans...check.

Floorplans 4 & 5

I killed them. There is so much going on that it makes me itchy to look at them. See ya 4 & 5.

Floorplans 1, 2, & 3

2 & 3 had some 3D stuff going on but I cured that with a couple of whacks with a ball peen hammer. Ahhhh...sweet 2D - how I love you so.

Floorplan 1 Paulxy

Floorplan 2 Pamela

Floorplan 3 Edgehill

Night Gig

This is my night job. I make mini houses outta stuff in my room and in the front yard.

Friday, August 19, 2011

In Yo Face with The Home Series

So the painting portion of The Home Series is complete, now time to finalize the installation setup for next Wednesday's critique. As of now I'm sticking to the arrangement at the end of my last post. I'm interested to hear the feedback and see how it changes the layout of the paintings. Below are the six paintings that make up the series. Apparently I read in Arabic because painting #1 is on the far right and painting #6 is on the far left. Don't judge me, numbers are not my strength...

Home Series One, oil, 48"x24"

This is a black shag. In his belly is the floor plan of my first childhood home (Paluxy, TX).

Home Series Two, oil, 48"x48"

The chair comes from a photo I took in Ohakune, NZ. It sits on the front porch of a great holiday home there. The landscape comes from a pic I took at Castle Point, NZ, and the cactus is there because I woke up one morning, sat up in bed, and immediately thought..."I need to paint a cactus in the bottom right-hand corner of the chair painting." Its totally representin' AZ.

Home Series Three, oil, 48"x30"

The view through the window is of Titahi Bay in Porirua, NZ which was my first place of residence when I arrived here. I lived there for a couple of weeks before moving to Wellington. And that is a copperhead. New Zealand has no snakes. Texas and Arizona have heaps.

Home Series Four, oil, 48"x36"

Most people get hearts in their eyes and say...awwww...two little lovebirds on the bed, which is fine with me but they are actually two ring-necked doves from my childhood. Ma and I had them for rollin' up on a dozen years and then our dog Jet ate them. Not long after that we had to put Jet to sleep. (Medical reasons not cuz he was a dove eater). Underneath the bed is another childhood floor plan.

Home Series Five, oil, 48"x24"

I give to you a ring of Silvereyes. I see them every so often on my way to school and they make my heart very happy. The image came from a photo my friend took at her house in Upper Hut after it had snowed. Beautiful shot - thanks Rebecca!

Home Series Six, oil, 48"x36"

Well of course this is a painting of two sandhill cranes, cherry tomato plants, and a place setting for one. Duh. What else would I paint?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Testing Vortex

My work is officially spilling out of my very tini-tiny studio. To get a grasp on how my work is fitting together and to get an idea of the realities of installation, I booked 1C08 which is a test room, a white box, a non-space, and after 2 days a psycho ward minus the padded walls. I dragged down all of my work, cranked up the ipod, kicked off the shoes, and arranged, rearranged, and arranged some more.

The first thing I learned is that I'm not allowed to use a fancy camera. The fancier the camera - the worse my photos get and for this I apologize.

Childhood Floor Plans

Dude...two words. Laser. Cutter. Massey has a laser cutter. When else will I get the opportunity to use one? Must find a reason to precisely burn things...building room-like spaces out of maps mounted to hardboard - CHECK!

Above are the 6 continuous canvas panels I've been working on for the last 2 months. This is the order in which they were painted (from right to left). I put them in every order possible. It wasn't doin' it for me.

Things start to get weird...

And weirder...

In steps Simon, one of the lecturers, and the weirdness starts to make some sense.

I left C108 with this being the final(ish) arrangement for the critique in a little over a week. All the panels need more work. For now the mapped floor plans will remain separate from the paintings but I will continue to work on them as well. They may fit into the picture or simply be another body of work. One thing is for certain and that is both of these running projects have greatly influenced one another.

The End.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

At Home with BB

BB leaves a sternly written letter for the shithole kitchen milk thief.
Sometimes BB finds it challenging to be the only woman bird in a nest
full of twenty-something year old boy birds.

BB finds it to be a rainy Sunday.

She will be spending her day in Room #7.

BB misses home.

BB is here. Far, far away from her friends.
She misses Mexican food, owning a vehicle, and central heat.

But where is your home BB? Texas? Arizona? New Zealand?

BB contemplates and realizes that her home is within her heart.
(She also realizes how desperately her shower needs cleaning.)

BB kills a tall boy of Bavaria in celebration!

The End.