Sunday, June 23, 2013


I just finished a project called INDOORS OUTDOORS.  It's a book of photographs taken from 2010-2013.  Here is the project statement:

I wanted to write a slick statement about how taking and later exploring these photos fulfilled my intrinsic need to contain the intersection where the indoors meets the outdoors but that made me sound like a pompous robot so instead I'll simply say that taking these photos gave me the same feeling as when I captured a lightening bug in a jar when I was a kid.

Here is the link to the project:



The number six is now my number.  I never knew that a number could evoke such strong emotions.   

He was born William McDonald, became Wild Bill, but I knew him as Dad.  He came into this world on 6/6/1951 and left it on 6/6/2013.  Full freakin' circle.  Nice work Dad.

He was hands down the funniest person I've ever known and at the same time I've never known another person to hold such sadness at times.  I miss you Dad and have a love for you greater than a heart can hold.

Dad, watercolor, 20"x15", 2009

                            Dad, oil, 24"x18", 2009                                                   Dad, pastel, 12"x9", 2009

About a week after he died, Kona and I were going for our morning walk when we came across something in the middle of the sidewalk.  It was a tattered white foam cutout that looked like it had once belonged on a kid's school project.  I looked closer and could see it was an image of a bearded man and I instantly knew it was Dad saying hello.  I scooped it up and framed him.  Hi to you Dad.