Friday, August 15, 2014

Dining Table Landscape

Dining Table Landscape, oil, 48"x32", 2014

This is a re-work of a painting I did last year.  That painting was headed for the dumpster but then I thought, wait a second…I should just go apeshit on this thing - scatter some random things I find visually pleasing without over-analyzing why and if it totally sucks then it was headed to a landfill anyway.  And that's what I did and it turns out I don't want to throw it in the garbage anymore.  

Before (done in 2013) and After (completed Wednesday)

 Capercaillie, oil, 36"x24", 2014

The night after completing the Dining Table Landscape I thought, hey…I want to do that "re-working of an old painting that belongs in a trash heap" thing again.  And so I did.

Before (done in 2008) and After (completed last night)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Still Here

It's been a busy summer…I've still been making work…didn't want you to think I'd been slackin' off.

 The Acid City series is still chugging along.

I moved.  Yesterday was the first day I painted in the new place - two thumbs up on the digs.  Above is a re-work of a painting I did last year.  It used to look like this…

Moving means exploring new scenery and there's no need to go far.  This busy pole lives just beyond my roof.  It looked like this today at 7am, 12:30pm, and 7pm.  I consider looking at the sky part of working in the studio.  It's just as important as the painting part.