Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creatures of the Deep

Glasshead Grenadier


Common Mora

Black-snout Seasnail

Black-devil Anglerfish

Here is another set of 5x7” pieces for Learning to Draw in Fives series. I am considering calling it Learning to Draint in Fives because I don’t know what category of media these would fall under. I am definitely not the first artist to encounter this confusion. Does wikipedia already have an entry for draintings? If not, I am ready to submit my definition.

draint’ing n. a piece of artwork so equally a painting and a drawing that it cannot be defined as either but a combination of both

These particular draintings are of magnificent creatures only found in the darkest depths of the world’s oceans. Did you know that the oceans offer 99% of the space where life can develop on Earth? These organisms have amazing adaptations to live in this enormous environment. I really enjoyed working on these critters!


  1. oh my goodness! first, common mora... why do you look so sad? second, black devil whatever you are... yikes! i saw a documentary on this stuff and it gave me nightmares for a week. soooo scary down there. wasn't someone just asking if you draint fish?

  2. Tammy was asking but I don't think she had these fishies in mind.