Friday, May 13, 2011

Semester One Crit


Powder Horn (made out of Borris)

Uncle Eli (killer of Borris)

Last critique before our final Semester One critique is on Wednesday. Finished these today. I intended to show all three together but maybe I might just show ole Borris. They vary in size so I haven't hung them together to get the full effect. I envisioned what would happen if the windows were left open in pretend Uncle Eli's trophy room. I can only assume that sparrows would fly in wanted to hang with Borris. If I were a sparrow, that's what I'd do.

Now I've got about 2 weeks to write a 4000 word paper. It's overwhelming. 4000 words really isn't that much, it's condensing what I've been researching (scientific illustration vs. contemporary art, animal as object, how 19th century colonists influenced the material & knowledge that we have from that time period in regards to animal depiction, etc.) into a cohesive string of words. All of this while trying to stay alive in a strange country and attempting to tune out the chick behind me who is blasting tunes from facebook. I'm definitely close to going apeshit. Maybe I can work that into my thesis.

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