Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Borris and friends.

Borris detail

One week away from finishing my first semester of grad school! I'm a little more tattered and humble than when I began but I've kept myself alive. I've had the normal end-of-semester-freak-out nightmares, the only difference now is that I have an accent when I yell, "Painting is not dead!" in my dream.

My final hand in for studio practice is Borris but I've made him a new home. He is a painting within a painting now. I really wanted to build an environment that he could sink into. He looked unnatural against the stark white wall that he was on for the crit. I took away the medals and ditched the idea of a collection of numerous paintings and instead used sparrows to represent the idea of colonialism that I've been researching.

After cleaning up the studio post-Borris, I had the overwhelming feeling that it was now time to finally get on with it and make some damn art! It took living this semester for me to finally feel solid and confident to move on and make some thoughtful, educated paintings. Let's do this.

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