Saturday, June 25, 2011

Childhood Floorplans

These are 7 of my childhood home floor plans (ages: fetus-18 yrs.) The maps came from a 1978 atlas I got for $2 (hey, Lanny 2 Bucks!). I wanted the maps to be randomly chosen so I asked the first person I saw in the studio (thanks Em) to choose 7 - only city maps. I disassembled the book and pulled the pages she marked including the other half of the sheet which, in most cases, has a completely unrelated country. I then drew the childhood floor plans from memory. They are weird spaces that don't really make architectural sense, the Paluxy house doesn't have a bathroom and I can't remember one single thing about the interior of the Pamela house. I've mounted them on wood and they are slowly turning into odd geometric things.

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