Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 3

Day 4:
  • 89% sure I just saw a bald eagle from my studio window.
  • on my afternoon walk I saw: 2 pheasants, the same 2 geese from yesterday laying in tall crunchy grass that matched their feathers, and heard 1 woodpecker.
  • my feather collection is up to 3.
  • i'am socially awkward when it comes to exchanging dinner time pleasantries.
  • on the way back to my room, in the pitch black darkness, the dew on the grass caught my flashlight beam making it look as if the ground had been sprinkled with silvery glitter.

Day 5:

  • took the highway route to the studio this morning. encountered an escaped cow. she did not want her picture taken and i was sure she was going to attack and/or kill me. luckily 2 ranch hands intervened just in time.
  • 2 words: whiskey. ping-pong. this event took place at buck's cabin. i will be doing a photo shoot of said cabin in the days to come. just to get a glimpse into the heavenly status of this place i leave you with this...on the wall there is a photograph of a badger sitting at a bar with a can of budweiser and smoking a cig.

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  1. oh my gawd. who is buck and when can i go to his cabin?