Friday, April 23, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 8

Day 16:

  • played hookie from communal dinner. took a hot bath, did laundry, and set up a little studio in my room and worked on watercolor postcards instead. ahhhhhhh.
  • after some careful research, we realized that we totally saw a marmot on the ranch trip. google it. they're awesome.

Day 17:

  • one of the members of "the dream team" departs tomorrow so the four of us went into sheridan for our last lunch together. before we bolt to the occidental for some banjo action we must attend cocktail hour followed by dinner with the ucross visual art juror. capped off the evening with a bout of whiskey ping-pong. the social calendar if full for the next 3 days. how am i supposed to get any work done around here?
  • the combination of pending doom of my not to far away departure from ucross mixed with the exhilaration of coming home makes for a conflicting state of mind.

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