Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Final Installment

Day 23:
  • seriously wyoming...why is your wind always so angry?
  • wine and cake for lynn's birthday!
  • after dinner we hoofed it to the visual arts' studios for an open studio extravaganza followed by a hike to the composer's studio to listen to readings from the poets and writer and music from the composer. ping-pong tournament before bed and i fell asleep knowing my supplies will be boxed and well on their way to az before the day ends tomorrow.

Day 24:

  • i'm waiting for my lunch to be delivered to my studio for the last time. soon someone will be by to pick up my boxes of supplies. i feel terribly sad at the thought of leaving but i look forward to getting back to reality and beginning the next chapter.
  • wipe those tears - we're going out with a bang! tonight the whole crew will invade the occidental for a final hoedown. peace out wyoming!

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