Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 9

Day 18:
  • wicked shitty weather today.
  • finished a third painting. have 4 more days to finish the last 2
  • we had cocktails and dinner with all of the ucross jurors and the main man, raymond. not only is raymond the founder of the apache corporation, he is also the founder of ucross. he smokes a pipe and drinks whiskey. he is the reason we are all here. thank you raymond.
  • note to self: when i am in the company of artists and/or art-related people, i'm always the largest in size. in most other environments i find i am average in stature.

Day 19:

  • tremendously beautiful outside. i am under the impression that wyoming is bi-polar and not presently under any medication. i thought texas weather was unpredictable.
  • feather collection: 8
  • finished 4th painting.
  • what are the chances of there being another artist residency not 10 min. from ucross? the odds are excellent. it is called jentel. one of our residents is friends with one of their residents which lead to an invitation to a bbq. the people were amazing and the property is absolutely beautiful. had a fantastic time.

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