Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 7

Day 14:
  • finished my first painting today. the other 4 are in various stages of development and i am really hoping to have them finished before i leave. the series is called beauty and the butterfly. each painting has an endangered or vulnerable vulture (cape, egyptian, lappet-faced & white-headed vultures, and a california condor) admiring a monarch butterfly. i've started several drawing to go w/the series as well.
  • the new residents arrived today. the visual studios and the depot (where i sleep) are full again. the newbies are fresh and excited. it was odd to sit next to them during dinner as they asked the same questions i had asked only 2 weeks ago. tomorrow they will wake early and as they set up their studios they'll delight in this amazing environment. for some reason i found their enthusiasm exhausting.
  • after dinner i went back to the studio and worked for a couple of hrs. i'm beat and in need of a shower.

Day 15:

  • productive day. finished a second painting. moved the stop painting date to the 27th which gives me 7 more days to work on the painting series.
  • totally fed baby cows today!!! milly, tilly, lilly, and rusty (average age is one month) were abandoned by their mamas and have to be bottle fed twice a day. by the end of the feeding i was covered in baby cow slobber and loved it.
  • finished the evening at buck's cabin: whiskey ping-pong, explored an abandoned building across the road, and watched a movie. looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. attention layla: please bring home rusty and i will care for him/her like my first born child. thank you.

  2. Layla,
    I am following along and loving your adventures. Sounds amazing. Cant wait to see the finished products. Oh and I have decided that the Sloth is coming to live with me. :)

  3. Lani - i will try me best to get rusty to you and Nina - yahoo on the sloth!!!