Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 10

Day 20:
  • so it's official. i love the west. living in texas & arizona, time spent in new mexico, colorado, california, washington, and now this experience in wyoming solidifies this fact. now it is on to explore the east side of the states. no plans as of yet but east coast, i will see you in the near future!
  • finished the 5th and final painting and wrapped up the watercolor postcard project. (now showing in a mail box near you). a mini adventure during my last few days here would be grand.

Day 21:

  • got to go with ruthie on an errand which allowed for a photo shoot of several precariously placed stuffed geese. (pics to follow).

Day 22:

  • beginning to organize the studio for packing.
  • took a nice long walk w/lynn (who happened to find some killer turkey feathers). she also made me an insanely beautiful beaded bracelet. adore it - man, i'll miss you lynn!
  • entries are becoming lame. sorry to bore.

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