Friday, April 9, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings: Installment 2

Day 3:

  • saw one fox, 4 mallards, 2 canadian geese, and smelled one skunk on my afternoon walk
  • lynn, the composer of the group, referred to the deer droppings that cover every square inch of the property as "land mines" which I thought was pretty clever.
  • i made a special request to the chef to not include cookies in my lunch anymore. yeah...she makes a different kind of cookie(s) every week day. she said it wasn't the first time someone has made that request.
  • the phone rang during dinner making me realize that I hadn't heard that noise in 3 days. awesome.
  • some of my fellow residents and i went to buffalo, wy. to see a bluegrass band playing a gig in a beautiful historic hotel called the occidental. items of note: killer handle bar mustache, banjo, slide guitar, 10 gallon hat. did i mention banjo?