Thursday, April 8, 2010

Exhausted Ramblings

So, since I can't show you pics, I thought I would share the last string of random ramblings that go through my soggy brain at the end of the day.

Day 1:

16 hrs ago I was in the desert wearing flipflops and I could honestly say that I hadn't ridden a bike in a decade. I just returned from a terrifyingly delightful experience which consisted of me barreling down a pitch black country highway in Wyoming on a bicycle. At least it had stopped snowing.

Day 2:

2 days with no television, internet, beer, or much human contact other than the 6pm communal dinner and I don't say much. when walking the half mile from my room to my studio this morning I felt pretty again. all bundled up in layers of sweaters, my favorite black and grey scarf, and my hiking boots that walked me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. my backpack carries very important stuff; flashlight, ipod, camera, flipflops (I change my shoes when I get to my studio like Mr. Rogers would do). I consider it to be my briefcase. I feel like I am on my way to really accomplish something. best commute ever.


  1. I’m so glad to hear that you made it there! Your studio looks amazing! Enjoy this because you deserve it!

  2. ditto! so happy for you pal! sounds like you're off to a great start... mr. rogers would be proud and so am i.

  3. Beautiful studio!! I'm anxious to see what you create in there. It looks so peaceful and still.

    Wonderful environment for your imagination.

    I'm proud of you, Lay.