Friday, April 26, 2013

Ranch Ramblings: That's a Wrap!

Two weeks of solitude - check.  And I didn't even have to tap into my reserve supply of sanity, although there were questionable moments and the turtle shell I found did become my Wilson*.  (Except the original Wilson probably smelled of the ocean and Ranch Wilson smells like a creek.)  

Ranch Wilson sat on the kitchen window ledge and kept me company.  I'm taking him home and it feels good to bring a part of the ranch with me.

Ranch Wilson

On my very first day here, I marked off a small square of earth to combat the overwhelming excitement to explore everything at once.  It instantly calmed me and made things seem more manageable.  I figured if I took the time to explore everything within that small space, then I could move on to larger spaces.  (Baby Bird One and Baby Bird Two were laid to rest in that same square.)

I did move onto bigger spaces and there is just something about hiking under the enormous Texas sky that hits your reset button.  I feel de-cluttered and ready to move forward with gusto.

I'm not sure how the fruits of this experience will unfold, but the two weeks at Madrono Ranch have helped define my interest in the delicate spaces where the outdoors meets the indoors.  I feel that my arsenal has been stockpiled.  

Thank you Heather, Martin, and Robert & family for sharing your wonderful home!

Over and out!

*Badass reference to the movie, Cast Away.

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