Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ranch Ramblings: Day Ten

Today seemed like a good day for a field trip.  I googled "museum Kerrville Texas" and found my destination - The Museum of Western Art.  Unfortunately most of the work was not on view because they were preparing for an exhibition sale that will be taking place this weekend.  

I still had a great visit and thought back to my Phoenix Art Museum days cuz (and this is a big shout out to my old co-workers - and you know who you are) The Museum of Western Art is the birthplace of the CAA.  Cowboy.  Artists.  (of.)  America.  The titles of the work can stand alone as art.  I bought a Kenneth Riley print for nostalgia factor.  And because it's awesome.  

Well, I looked at some art now it's time to make some.

Sunburnt pomegranate.

If I haven't totally bored you yet, brace yourself, I'm going to be pretty lame for the rest of the trip.  Here's an example - I spent most of the day reading from the small natural science library I brought.  

I still have three full days ahead of me here but I've begun to shift into wrap-up mode:  What do I want to accomplish before leaving?  What has surfaced from the experience thus far?  How long does thistle fuzz stay fluffy?  What direction do I see myself taking?  Blah, blah, words, snoozefest, zzzzzzz….  

Hey, look at me and the damn llamas!

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