Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ranch Ramblings: Day Eleven

It was balls cold today so I spent the morning at the main house getting some research done via internet.  Afterwards I went for a short walk but called it quits when I could no longer feel my face or extremities due to hypothermia. 

Before resigning to my heated cabin, a photo shoot was in order.  Yesterday I spent 5 min. around the cabin site just shooting (camera-style not Davy Crockett-style) anything and everything I found interesting - no matter how ordinary or weird - just shoot it.  Later, when going through the shots, one photo stood out from the rest.  I had to revisit that space this afternoon.

A few years back I spent a month in Wyoming and became completely enamored with pathways.  Dirt roads, river paths, railroad tracks - if it was a continuous line that cut through the landscape to met the horizon, I was in love with it.  

Here in Medina I have that same feeling with reflections.  Specifically, reflected landscapes on windows and glass doors - creating an overlay of indoors and outdoors.

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