Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ranch Ramblings: Day Six

This morning I made an outing to the city of Kerville to get a few groceries and absorb some cell phone service.  My phone has been a glorified clock for the last 5 days.  It was nice to hear the voices of some loved ones but I was eager to wrap up the shopping excursion and get back to the ranch.

As I entered the cabin something caught my eye.  Underneath my work desk was what looked like a piece of jewelry, upon closer inspection I realized it was one of the beautiful blue caterpillars that I had fallen in love with a couple of days ago.  This poor little guy was on his last leg.  I knew I wanted to paint him down the road so I decided to do a photo shoot caterpillar-style.  R.I.P. caterpillar.

Tonight is the other resident, Margie's (Margie Crisp - check out her stuff, she's awesome) last night.  The training wheels for this total solitude thing are coming off and I'm flying solo for the second half of this experience.  

We were invited to dinner by the owners of the ranch, Heather and Martin.  The meal was lovely and the company was great.  Thank you Heather and Martin for sharing Madrono - it is truly a wonderful gift.

Nature is always up to something, while I was away this evening, this happened…

I hope a thistle spore does not burrow
 into my brain as I sleep tonight.

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