Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ranch Ramblings: Day Four

Walking through a thistle field in pajamas and flip flops to see a porcupine nestled in a tree - I highly recommend it, it works better than coffee. The day was overcast and lazy so most of the outings were close to the cabin.  

Just outside of the gate is a clearing next to a creek that I've had a hankering to explore.  I went low camera, no binocs - just me, but within half an hour I was headed back to the cabin to grab my camera cuz there was a Grade A caterpillar situation at hand.  Look at this dude!

Here's a fun game - find a caterpillar in a large zone 
of nature then leave the location for about 20 minutes 
then return and try to find the caterpillar again.

While searching for the caterpillar I meet this guy.

After coming down off of my caterpillar high, I had a painting session/collage making/photo shoot.

Pincushion daisy.  
(Don't worry, the image is not upside down, it just looked 
more like an outer space disco ball this way) 

On a scale of awesomeness, pincushion daisies are a 
super close second next to my beloved purple thistle.


My nature specimen collection is growing...

To put a feather in the cap of my day, I joined Margie for an evening hike to the trout ponds and saw this kickass tree.    

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