Monday, April 1, 2013

The herd is growing.

Bison.  They are awesome.  I am hooked.  In a couple of weeks I will stay on a bison ranch for 14 days.  I wait with bated breath.  Until then I shall paint them...or a couple at least. 

Above is the 24"x18" oil on vintage wallpaper painting of a bison that I literally just completed. Hmmm...where did you ever get such a kickass reference pic of a bison, you ask?  Work.    

Hey, is that bison on a cart?  Indeed. 

How can I depict a bison in a different way?  Of course!  A small toy figurine.  (And you bet your sweet ass I have one of those lying around the studio.)  Frame it with a million buttons?  Why not.

The Specimen Experiment work has been big on pairs.  What do the two mean when seen side by side?  How different can the same subject be?  Can they work on their own or does their existence have more of an impact when together?

I want them all together.  As of right now I have about a dozen drawings and paintings lumped into the Specimen Experiment series along with a heap of photographs taken of animal specimens.  They are like a band of misfits that have become part of my life and I work everyday to try and understand their connections.

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