Saturday, May 4, 2013

Turtle shell.

Turtle Shell, acrylic, 2013

The journey of life provides everyone with a unique arsenal of knowledge.  There are no two people on the planet or beyond that share the exact same library of info.

This information is learned through experiences, most of which are general survival tools - fire is hot, traffic is dangerous, cats cannot be trusted, etc.  But there are a few nuggets of knowledge that are so random that you would never in a million years even think of seeking them out...but somehow, here you are, toting around bits and pieces of weird wisdom.

For example,  I now know that if you are going to paint on a turtle shell then it is best, in regards to paint application, to boil it.  The surface becomes smoother and matte, allowing for a little bite that the paint can adhere to.

But, if you want to enjoy the turtle shell for all its natural beauty (sans paint), then you should let nature have its way with it.

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