Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grad School: Season One…Finito!

My first year of grad school is officially over, I wish I had the mental capacity to write a beautiful reflection of the last nine months but I do not.  The best I can do is a couple of sentences so here goes:

This year was about letting ideas and imagery morph into their own, trying my hand at patience, and forcing myself to have the guts to erase an original idea in order to build a new one on top.  And sanding.  I sanded a lot of paint off of panels this year and it felt great.

Here is work from the last couple of weeks...

(final) Honeycomb House, oil, 24"x32"
Before taking a sander to it, the original Honeycomb House looked like this.
Storm, oil, 22"x16"
In-progress stage of Storm. (Please note how I sanded the holy hell out of the middle portion.)
Untitled, oil, 22"x16"
6"x6" panels experimenting with Flashé paint.

For me, the combination of grids and layers of paint that expose the history of changing ideas creates a space that possesses glitches and a sense of being not-quite-right, not completely solid.  It is an attempt at capturing the ephemeral.  The in-progress painting below is using those thoughts for a general foundation in order to address two things:  the exploration between vast and intimate and the organic feelings of love and longing.  Or you can read it as a painting of a meteorite - viewers choice.

Hmmmm…I need a photo of a meteorite…guess I'll just walk over to the on-campus meteorite museum.  No big squeal.

Ok, first year…check…now what?  It's on to the Rensing Center Artist Residency for a month.  The nesting panels are officially on their way to South Carolina, I am not far behind.

See you in a little over a week panels!

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