Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day Four

This is what the studio looks like first thing in the morning...I dig it.  The panels made it safely here, thank you so much US Postal Service.  I am still not 100% sure what will go on the panels besides paint so I thought I'd start there - shades of pink…ok brain and heart, if that is what you want.  After applying a foundation coat (2nd image) I applied some washes and then sanded each panel (3rd image).  That is the process I plan to follow:  add, remove, add, remove…

A visit to an enormo flea market provided the excitement for the day.  I have never in all of my life been to a flea market this large.  It was overwhelming - you could purchase anything from live animals to toothpaste.  Surprisingly the biggest representation of goods was in the form of socks and pocket knives.  Who knew?

Are you in need of a bag of baby arms, hubcaps, or perhaps a baby pheasant chick?

These are my purchases.  

The flea market still life shot inspired me to set up a nature still life.   

This little dude was trapped in the studio trashcan.  Go back to your fields Brother Mouse.

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