Monday, May 18, 2015

Day Two

Today was dedicated to taking care of business and getting the lay of the land.  I was awoken to a full blown cat attack.  I hope this is not Bob's way to begin everyday.  Note to self:  a comforter is no match for cat teeth.

Next it was coffee with the other two residents (delightful ladies by the way) and then on to the town of Pickens where I tagged along on a couple of errands (yeah…I can now say I've been inside the Pickens Post Office), explored the small and wonderful garden of the Pickens Museum (totally saw a portable convict cage), and hit up the grocery store (where I had an unexpected sparrow funeral…RIP little dude).

Ease up Bob!

RIP my friend.

Before today I did not know that a portable convict cage existed.

You're probably thinking, Layla could you possibly cram any more into your day?  The answer is yes I can because I am a professional day-filler and I think a cruise down the hiking trail is called for.  You know what greeted me as I started the trail?  Two dang baby goats followed by a mama goat scratching on a fence.  See the bell that mama goat is wearing?  That is an important bell because it makes an important sound - it might very well be one of the most magical and mesmerizing sounds I have ever heard.  It makes my heart smile.

Look at you acting all nonchalant - don't act like you don't see me baby goat!

Mom Goat, why does your bell sound so awesome?

After the goat sighting it was time to follow the trail into the forest.  I'll say this…it is pretty hard not to become enamored by trees when engulfed in a forest.  Will this be the direction of my work here at Rensing?  Not sure but I enjoyed it today.

This is the end of the trail.  Yes, I will gladly sit in you, Perfectly Placed Lawn Chair, and listen to the stream while I catch my breath.
Put in some studio time to put together this collage of the most awesome tree root ever.

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