Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day Five

Settling into a new environment can take awhile.  The biggest part of that, for me anyway, is squashing preconceived notions of how you anticipated the experience to be and simply letting it unfold organically.  Overflowing toilets, noise from logging, and more than expected foot traffic through the studio are examples of what I hadn't fit into the equation.  But those things are all just a drop in the bucket when I look back on what I saw today…

Worm's eye view of the field by the pasture.


I am pretty sure this is the best swing in all of South Carolina.

This little guy is…total. stretching. his. neck.

I made progress on the panel paintings - unsure of what is next but spent the first part of the morning by the waterfall brainstorming and most of the day sweating in the studio.  Let's do this!

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