Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day One

From Dallas, TX to Greenville, SC

"It took so long to leave so fast." -  The The

One moment you are looking out the window at an impending experience having no idea how it will unfold, and the next moment you are smack dab in the middle of living it.  It is amazing how quickly an adventure can begin.  

I have spent months anticipating my residency at Rensing Center and now I am sitting at the desk in the picture below writing these words in Pickens, South Carolina.  Love sparked for the library space…check.  Night was falling when I arrived so visually I don't know specific details of the landscape but I smelled freshly cut trees and the intense sweetness of honeysuckle.  I heard the bells that hang around the necks of the Center's goats and the endless call of a Chuck-will's-widow, a familiar bird song that would keep me awake as a child.  I cannot wait to explore in the morning.

Rensing library

My roommate for the next four weeks, Bob the Cat.  He is rad.

No big deal, just an awesome desk setup in the library.  (Eric, this one is for you.)

The Underwood works.

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  1. Extremely pleased that you found my souvenir so quickly. Now you can just relax and work. How big must the crate be to transport that writing space? Is the library mobile and on wheels, by chance? Also...I miss you.