Monday, March 30, 2015

Wrapping up the month of March!

2015 is flying by. Not long ago this worried me greatly - I saw the time slipping through my fingers like sand and I wasn't ready to speed through this grad school experience so quickly. I think differently now. I welcome you summer break, I welcome you with open arms. Here's some work...

Interior Exterior, oil, 22"x16"
Real Fake, oil, 22"x16"
Haunted, oil, 22"x16"

Here are more houses with yards...

Green Houses With Yards, colored pencil, 11"x8.5"
Blue Houses With Yards, colored pencil, 11"x8.5"

Sometimes you just need to sand off a painting.
That felt great.

Last week I began to feel up to my eyeballs in house paintings and a bit (lot-o-bit) like I was loosing direction. I interpreted that to mean I needed to pull the work together in order to edit it down, write an exhibition proposal for the series, and seek out a venue to show the that is what began in the studio today. At the moment it looks like a garage sale.  I am hoping that will change.

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