Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weir Farm: Day Three

Good morning sunshine!  Investigating the old studio located upstairs in the cottage was my pre-breakfast activity.  This is what a.m. sunlight looks like upon it's floors.  Pretty solid.

I took a walk to Weir Pond after fueling up with some Cheerios (Honey Nut of course) and coffee. Over the bridge and through the woods...

 This is what my shadow looks like in the a.m. sunlight.

One mission on this morning trek was to eyeball some tree forms and collect more stonewall reference photos for a painting I'm working on.  I took about 5,000 more stone pics to add to my arsenal and when I got back to the studio I carefully selected the ones that would work best.  

Referring to references on my laptop is not one of my favorite things to do and I grew frustrated within nanoseconds.  Uhhhh….Obvious Alert:  there is a freakin' stonewall literally 15 paces from the studio door.  So I did some rearranging and got to work.  Freaking amateur hour over here...

 After lunch it was time for hike numero dos...yellow-trail-style.  
I made some interesting discoveries…

 like the Easter Bunny's tail 

 and a rock that is covered exactly in half with moss.  (Nature, how do you do it?!)

Back to work...
 in-progress bedroom/stonewall situation


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