Friday, April 18, 2014

Weir Farm: Day One

Let's just jump in shall we?  Weir Farm Artist Residency in Wilton, CT and I met for the first time.  We will be together for the next two weeks and I couldn't be happier about the union.  First things first…I flew out of Dallas and soared to the NYC.  I've never been to New York and upon landing at LaGuardia I instantly felt like a total yahoo.  "This is more commotion than I'm used to" is the phrase that was on repeat in my mind.

Adios Tejas!

Probably twenty minutes passed between landing, snagging a slice of pizza the size of my head, collecting my luggage (which included my studio supplies so it was totally bordering on unmanageably bulky), and being whisked away in a shuttle that was to take me to my next drop off destination an hour and a half away in Norwalk, CT.

The best way to describe the shuttle journey comes directly from my phone notes app which I took en route:  "death ride in airport shuttle driven by a madwoman.  luckily I'm so starving and car sick that I fall in and out of consciousness during this journey."  I was awoken upon the occasions when we avoided slamming into the rear of and/or T-boning mack trucks and when I desperately tried to not barf.  I was certain at some point we would go careening over a bridge and the last view I would see before taking an eternal dirt nap would be the New York City skyline.

But I survived!  Adventure - check.  I was picked up at destination two, hit the grocery store on the way to Wilton, CT and oh sweet baby Jesus my feet hit Weir Farm soil around 6pm.  Time to settle in…..z.zzzzzzz..z.z.z..zzz……..

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