Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weir Farm: Day Four

Captain's Log:  Day Four
Morning walk:  I was soaking up some big ticket items like a field, trees, the sky, vast things that take a lot to ingest and I started to become a bit overwhelmed when thinking of how to make art about them.  ("No pressure, you just need to make something completely awesome", I tell myself.)

But soon the trail narrowed and the woods moved in a little closer and visually sorting through things became easier.  I then got lost in the details - a specific leaf, the space under a piece of raised bark, a bud, and a shadow cast by a single blade of grass.  I was so immersed in these treasures that it wasn't until I heard something moving through the trees that I snapped back to planet earth.  I scanned the space around me and within seconds locked eyes with…a BEAR!!!!  Just kidding, it wasn't a bear at all it was a deer with two of her buddies.
The moment reminded me of a great children's story a good friend told me not long ago.  It goes a little something like this…There once was a little girl who excitedly chased after a butterfly at the edge of the forrest.  The butterfly became frightened and darted away.  She then saw a bird and ran after him, he too flew away.  Her next  target was a squirrel, then a rabbit, and finally a deer.  The more she chased, the deeper into the forrest the animals ran.  In the depths of the woods, with the animals no longer in sight, she grew tired and decided to sit.  The little girl became very quiet and still.  As time passed, the butterfly, the bird, the squirrel,  the rabbit, and other animals of the forrest began to approach her.  The calmer she became, the closer they got and soon the deer she had so desperately chased after came to her.  The End.

 So I made a couple of versions of the story.  
Cuz I'm the dang champion of chasing the deer.

With some studio time under my belt it was time for the afternoon walk.  Back to the Pond.  I took a different route and stumbled upon a friggin' auh-mazing location.  No big deal - it was just a sketchy bridge-type situation that led to a microscopic island.  No joke.
 View from the mainland on left and view from micro island on the right.

This guy was my island buddy.

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