Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weir Farm: Day Six

I just wanted everyone to know that I am not living strictly off of cereal. As you can see, today I made a delightful breakfast of poached eggs and an english muffin. And a double whipped mocha carmel latte. Just kidding, it's store brand instant coffee served up black and luke warm - I don't even think a double whipped mocha carmel latte is a real thing. After fueling up it was time to hit the studio...

For the last few days I've felt like a glass of spilt water - moving in all directions at once. I've tried to take in absolutely everything around me and translate it into work. Exhaustion City - population 1. Today I finally calmed down enough to quietly work in this great space and truly enjoy it. Here is today's work…

Buffalo running. 
Deer jumping.
Sparrow sitting.
I did take an epic morning walk (best one yet) in the Weir Preserve. I've followed different trails everyday and still have more to check out. There is something really wonderful about letting the trail markers lead you by the hand through the woods. It's almost like reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you'd follow the purple trail then come to a crossroads - do I want to stay on the purple trail or go yellow?  

I ended on a green trail that spit me out on Nod Hill Road. Not to worry, I knew Weir Farm is on Nod Hill, I just had zero concept of where the hell I was on the road in relation to where I wanted to be going. I felt the earth pulling me left, so left I went. I walked on, pondering my new found healthy fear of tics (they love the woods as much as I do) when I came across a woman and her dog. She confirmed I was headed in the right direction. Homeward bound was I.

Guess what this bridge leads to…a dang waterfall.
Yesterday's worm's eye view pics inspired more for today and I couldn't go to CT and not take the standard tourist daffodil shot.

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