Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weir Farm: Day Ten

Today was a rainy day in the woods but there was a break just long enough in the weather for a morning walk.  My mission - photograph some rain drops.  Check.  And…

 Baby fern photo shoot #3.

Tree alien.

This thing is real folks.  I swung by the Visitor Center to see if the park rangers knew what it was.  Lichen, a fruit perhaps?  I'm 100% sure what it is…a brain eating alien.  Or a cool Christmas ornament. 

Part of the tour I took on my second day included visiting J. Alden Weir's personal studio.  Wait…side note:  I may have neglected to mention that J. Alden Weir (the Weir in Weir Farm Artist Residency) was an American impressionist painter who purchased the land in the late 19th century.  Many of his paintings come from this environment.  This is the only National Park dedicated to American painting.

Carrying on…the ceiling of Weir's studio is painted a beautiful blue with metal stars scattered about.  Today on my walk I looked down and my feet were standing in tiny green stars (a.k.a. moss of some sort) which instantly reminded me of the studio stars.  Below are the stars I experienced today with the photo I took of the studio ceiling several days ago.

Speaking of studios…that is where I spent the rest of my day.  The rain came down all afternoon so I couldn't  procrastinate by escaping outdoors.  I finished the two larger paintings and made a weird Acid City collage/painting. 

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