Monday, April 21, 2014

Weir Farm: Day Five

There are a few factors that made for a low-key day:  1. I've convinced myself that I should be making something monumental (which makes me do the opposite like spending the entire morning cutting out tiny buffalo figures from colored paper). 2. I've  been stewing in an existential crisis for the past couple of months and it is not loosening it's grip anytime soon (napping seems to help).  3. I gave my artist talk at the library this evening and I find public speaking horrifying (it went very well, I met some really great folks, and I didn't turn into a rock or start speaking in tongues which equals success).

So I took some delicate photos to reflect my slightly distressed soul…

 a leaf more delicate than lace

worm's eye view of some baby's breath-type flower

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