Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Hunting Series gets serious.

I'm settled back in Texas so it's time to fence in The Hunting Series, refocus, and get crackin'.  All of the paintings in this series are a combo of pastel, oil & acrylic paint, and embroidery on 5ft.x5ft. unstretched pieces of raw canvas.  I like the idea of them being transportable-I can roll them up and ship em out.  Research on tapestries and wallhangings has been pretty interesting.  Deciding how to hang them will be a project all its own.

Each work addresses a different facet of hunting:  exotic game ranches, collecting animals for captivity, "farms" harvesting from animals for medicinal purposes, and the use of animals as hunting tools.

Below are images of the paintings in various stages of progress.  (Side note:  it is quite a challenge to work on four 5'x5' paintings simultaneously in 600 sq. ft. apartment.)

 St. Francis and the Addax

 Casey the Elephant

 The Moon Bear Story

Hunting, Hunting

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