Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prairie Center Rez Extension

My flight for the last two days has been cancelled due to the Icepocalypse occurring in Texas.  It was the absolute best case scenario in a normally disappointing situation, I had a warm and welcoming house to stay in, a studio, and good company.  If I went home on my scheduled day I wouldn't have experienced the snowy woods below.  

Q:  What do you do when you can't go home?  
A:  Draw bugs.

So long Peoria, you will soon be an old friend thought of with great fondness.

Eeeeerrrrrrttttttt!!!  Put the brakes on that motion.  Flight cancelled.  For the THIRD day in a row.  Word on the street is that this plane has some hydraulic issues.  Hmmmm....the wings look pretty good to me.  There's one more flight out this evening, would you like to give that one a shot?  Sure.

I left the counter defeated with my newly issued ticket, grabbed a seat, and tried very hard not to go totally apeshit.  The forever looping Christmas carols were not helping.  I almost kicked over the nearest Christmas tree.  Why are there Christmas trees in a dang airport anyway?!  I was getting ugly fast.  But I looked up and saw this little guy sitting across from me and instantly knew that everything was okay.  Truly.

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