Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Ten - Prairie Center Rez

Weather report:  wicked foggy.

So I had to make my regular rounds to the corn factory.  Two things were revealed today:
1. CORN!  I saw an actual pile of corn.
2.  The corn factory emits a foul stench which reminds me of spoiled breakfast covered in expired beer.  Apparently wet, foggy weather magnifies the smell to it's greatest potency. Wretch.

I retreated to the safety of the studio.  The Moon Bear Story painting is 99% finished - it might actually be totally finished but I won't know until I see it first thing in the morning.

Next...bugs.  I brought these 5"x5" with me from Texas.  I painted the backgrounds at the Madrono Ranch Residency in April.  Turns out they're pretty nice for a few quick bug portraits.

A well rounded day should include some exploring.  Where to?  Well, there just so happens to be this offensively amazing space upstairs from the studios.  It's used for installations and exhibitions and is downright awesome.  The vastness is just waiting for dreams to come to fruition.   

I took a shot at each end of the space and married them
 together. You know why? To show how magical it is.

Heelllllloooooo over there!

 Person A:  "Is there anything cool outside?"
Person B:  "Totally."

Man, sure wish I could find some cool words etched in cement.  
BOOM!  I'm guessing Gert has blue eyes.

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