Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Fourteen - Prairie Center Rez

Day Fourteen:  the final day of my Midwestern adventure.

So long you dirty corn factory.  Your mass of  whirling cogs and wheels all working together day in and day out has fascinated me just as strongly as your smell has permeated my wool jacket.  When I think of industry, it is your face I shall see my friend.

Farewell my beloved upstairs space.  I have always had a longing for wide open spaces and I've fed that need with great expanses of land or sky but your contained vastness fulfilled me in the same way a landscape does.  You gave me the desire to hunt for hauntedness.

And so my Prairie Center Rez comes to an end.  I write this with one task left for the evening - to pack my bags.  The past two weeks has been full and will continue to feed me long after I leave Peoria.



  1. what an amazing adventure! thanks for sharing the deets, pal!