Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day Twelve - Prairie Center Rez

You didn't think I'd give up making janky stop motion films did you?  A lot of my perception of Peoria comes from my commute to and from the studio and it seems that the people of this town are always on a mission - they move down the highway with purpose.  The hauling of large, heavy things seems to be of importance here.  And tractors, I've seen a lot of tractors.  So I did this...

tractor parade

What's better than a tractor parade?  A kernel of corn from
the corn factory greeting you at the studio door, that's what.

It's hard to believe that my two weeks here is wrapping up, gonna ship out the work I've done and most of my supplies tomorrow so the painting portion of Peoria is done.  I may do some more embroidery on the Moon Bear painting back in Texas and I'm looking forward to finishing the hound/fox/pheasant piece.  As for the bugs, I have 2 full days with my drawing materials - we'll see what comes.

What I'm bringing away as far as paintings go is the inclusion of embroidery work which I'm excited to further explore but the painting and time hunkered over the drawing table has seemed almost secondary in regards to absorbing the atmosphere.  So up the stairs I went to soak up my new favorite space...

sticks: a serious documentary about a space I love

What's a great way to end a day?  Well, checking out some Christmas 
lights with long since seen family of course.  Thanks Paul and Pat!

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