Monday, November 25, 2013

Day Two - Prairie Center Rez

DFW Airport.  Gate B7.

Ready for takeoff!  I escaped the shit Texas weather but before reaching the blue skies we traveled through a cloud that illuminated the inside of our little tin can plane.  If you saw us rocketing across the sky you'd say we were smaller than a soup can, more like a vienna sausage can or a tuna can.  It made me feel like a giant when I boarded.  It was only 3 seats wide and I had to duck as I walked down the aisle and then squish myself into seat 9A.

We flew in between the clouds and outer space.  The clouds looked like a desertscape and then like mountains and lastly like endless treetops that are found in a rainforest.  They looked like anything but clouds.

Then we landed and within 20 minutes I found myself pushing a shopping cart in the middle of a grocery store in Peoria, IL.  Culture.  Shock.  Next I was in a van chatting it up with two of my new housemates and then I was making a sandwich in a totally foreign kitchen.

Now I'm writing this on the same laptop I wrote Day One on but just sitting at a different desk, in a different room, in a different state.  It's all so weird and I love it.  Tomorrow morning the same van that picked me up from the airport is heading towards the studios.  Amen.

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