Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Three - Prairie Center Rez

No big deal, just saw a fucking bald eagle flying over the Illinois River on the way to the studio.  The studio space is located smack dab in the middle of an industrial part of town.  It's also said to be a dangerous part of town.  These are two qualities in towns I greatly enjoy.  I'd rather be walking in the middle of nowhere collecting nature trinkets but if I must be in a man-made environment I'd like it to be edgy.  

 There is some serious industrial shit going down 
next door. Word on the street is that it's corn-related.

 BAM!!  I told you...Peoria is not messin' 
around with the machining of kernels!

 Bird-watchin' factory-style.

 After checking out the corn factory, I decided to 
get some work done.  And so it begins...

 Bummed-out Moon Bear, a hooded 
Golden Eagle, and a sleeping fox.

 Apparently I'm into foxes.  But who isn't?

I'm glad to know the sidewalk is doing fine.

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