Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day One - Prairie Center Rez

A couple of hours ago I was supposed to board a plane bound for Peoria, IL to begin a two week artist residency at Prairie Center of the Arts but instead I'm sitting at home typing this.  A lot of stuff can happen in a short amount of time to change the course of a plan.

As I fell asleep last night I kept eyeballing the luggage on the floor like a little kid headed for Disney World.  I drifted off to sleep but was soon woken by men beating down my neighbor's door.  You know why they were beating down his door?  Because they are firemen and their job is to put out raging blazes which is what was happening on the other side of my wall.

After my neighbor's apartment was extinguished and the smoke cleared, I went to sleep only to be awoken for a second time by my ringing phone.  It was an automated voicemail...from American Airlines..."your flight has been cancelled".  I tried to absorb these experiences with grace...Ghandhi-style (but without the food strike).  I can totally handle this without being insanely disappointed, I told myself.

I floated back to sleep only to wake up in a panic after a dream.  You know the kind of dream that is so real and terrifying that you have to turn on a light and re-orient yourself?  It was one of those.  Recap:  I was at an artist residency in Africa where my dog was murdered and I was next in line.  Grace be damned, I'm now in WTF mode.

Sooooo, if I'm reading all of this correctly...last night went like this:
1.  Run for your life!!
2.  There's no escape.
3.  If you try to leave in your mind, you and your best friend will be assassinated.

I hid under the covers until late morning then decided to start my residency regardless of where I was.  My flight is rescheduled (weather permitting - the heart of Texas is blanketed in ice ya'll) so this time tomorrow evening I should be in Illinois.  Until then I shall make work in my jammies at the Peoria satellite studio aka home.

Here is how I spent Day One - Prairie Center Rez...

Casey the Asian elephant and other Sri Lankan friends
(5ft.x5ft., acrylic)


  1. Heh. You are a funny little critter, Inky. Keep up the good work, and may tomorrow bring smoother sailing.